Street Lurking in Watts with Luis and Danny 

Street Photography is something I have always been interested in and it is not till lately that I have really been trying my best to actually get out of my comfort zone to take these shots of people. Furthermore, it has made me really get familiar with my camera. It is not till recently that I started to feel more comfortable shooting with my camera, after teaching myself how to use it and learning everything about shutter speed, aperture, etc. So even though there is a lot of trial with much error, these few shots that I do get mean a lot more to me and I hope you all enjoy them. 

The subcuzz look book coming soon, for his upcoming clothing line. haha! Just kidding, just feel like these shots have a look book kind of vibe to them.

Check out his work: 

tumblr or his instagram - @subcuzz

My brother Luis, you can see his work here: @luis_1081

My brother Luis, you can see his work here: @luis_1081

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